Currently, we have a large database of clients who are on the verge of qualifying for a mortgage through our credit restoration program.

We help these clients find good homes in good neighborhoods that they can lease until they are ready to buy.

Do you have a listing that just isn’t selling?

Is your owner paying two mortgages?

Would they consider leasing the home to someone who could qualify to buy in the next 6-18 months?

Well, here we have a solution. SC House Hounds, LLC specializes in finding motivated and qualified tenant-buyers.


How It Works

Let's Team Up!

You have the listing, we have the buyers. It’s that simple. By working together we will help our clients find real solutions to their real estate needs.

Submit Your Listings Online

Upload Photos and Agree to the terms of use, we can begin marketing your listings to our clients.

Once complete, we will put together all of the marketing and immediately notify our current database of clients. We will also create a page on our website specifically detailing your listings information. As we generate interested parties, we will pre-screen them based on credit, income and down-payment. When we have someone who qualifies for our lease-purchase program, we will have you prepare and present a lease-purchase proposal to the seller. (Don’t worry, we’ll coach you through the entire process if needed) Once negotiated, we’ll help you set up the entire transaction to ensure that all parties involved are protected.

Submit Listing for Lease Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid, and how do you make your money?

◾Part of the qualifying process is ensuring that the buyer has enough funds to initiate a lease-purchase. Typically 3% of the purchase price is a minimum. This Option Fee is non-refundable and it is typically split between the Seller and the agents involved.

What if the Tenant-Buyer Defaults?

◾In the unlikely event that the Tenant-Buyer did not exercise their option to purchase the property, they would be walking away from their entire down-payment option deposit.

What are the costs involved for my Seller?

◾There are no out-of-pocket fees or expenses to your seller as we are compensated through the buyer’s down payment option deposit. The only fees that your seller will incur are the typical closing costs associated with a sale when the buyer actually purchases the home.

What if I sell the home?

◾If you end up selling the home before we help you find a qualified Tenant-Buyer to lease-option the home, there is no problem. Just notify us that the home is no longer available and we will cease all marketing efforts.

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